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The FireTextResponse system

What's New:

USB Remote Controller

June 1, 2018

FTR USB Controller, control any contact circuit with the FTR system remotely or automatically. Designated personnel can control the opening of doors, lights, or just about anything with the FTR add-on option board.


FTR GPS Capable

June 25, 2016

FTR can now receive GPS location information from dispatch centers capable of sending latitude and longitude call incident coordinates, and send that information to all mobile apps.


FTR iPhone App

June 1, 2015

FTR iPhone app released.


FTR works with PageGate Software

March 31, 2015

FTR now accepts CAD data from PageGate Software systems. Get address and other vital data from dispatch CAD systems sent to FTR mobile apps. Contact FTR for integration info with your CAD system using PageGate. Also visit PageGate for more info.


FTR Awarded
United States Patent

December 3, 2013

U.S. Patent No 8,600,338


FTR Mobile App for Droids

July 20, 2013

Available now. Contact FTR to enable your system.


Version 2 Alert Receiver

August 31, 2012

Version 2 Alert Receiver - All new digital Alert Receiver for future grouping of alerts to specific groups within the department. 


Multiple Station Add-on

April 2, 2012

Multiple Station Add-0n - Allows a department with two or more stations to view their responses at those stations, plus see those responses on mobile data terminals.


Remote Send Message

September 1, 2011

Remote Send Message - Allows a department wide message to be sent from a cell phone for announcements, training, work details, etc.


Response Screen Viewer

June 1, 2011

Response Screen Viewer - See who is responding and their response status on each call remotely with an internet capable cell phone.

Top Twelve Features:

#1. Notifies all personnel simultaneously of an emergency page from your department's dispatch with a simple text message to their cell phones. FireTextResponse alerts personnel even if they are out of range of the dispatch tower.

#2. Personnel can receive the actual voice page audio of the dispatched emergency with cellular internet technology. Even if you're out of range from radio dispatch, you can still get the actual dispatch audio of the page.

#3. Personnel just simply reply to the text message with a simple single letter code of their response status. The text alert message they receive gives them the choice of codes so there is nothing to memorize.

#4. All responses are shown on a flat screen monitor in your truck bay so that responding firemen can quickly see who is responding, if they are responding, and where. There are even options for accountability of who is on scene at the location of an incident.

#5. The actual dispatch page audio is looped for 15 mintues and played over the flat screen monitor. Responding personnel to the station can hear the dispatch again to help eliminate confusion or misunderstood dispatches.

#6. You can send commands with your cell phone to control the system. Send it RADAR and your local live dopplar radar will be shown on the screen along with the latest weather forecast, current conditions, and even the latest earthquake information for your area.

#7. Duty Status allows personnel to go on or off duty within the system, any page alert automatically responds to the system for them.

#8. All dispatch times are time stamped and logged with an accurate clock synchronized with the nation's time keeper.You can print out the logs of your choice.

#9. All dispatch audio is saved in specially compressed files that reduce hard drive space but keep voice quality high for review anytime.

#10. Your personnel's phone information is totally in your control and stays on your system at your station, not on some server somewhere else across the land.

#11. You can send special messages to all of your personnel like training dates, special work details, or announcements. These messages can be sent to all personnel or to specific groups.

#12. We are continuously adding new features. All feature upgrades or updates are free along with 24/7/365 technical support.


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