As active volunteer firefighters in our local community, we know what it’s like to be exactly where you are.
We know the struggles you face on the front line, in the face of danger, every single day.

In 2010, we had a thought. We needed something that could make our jobs easier. We needed a better way to stay informed.

So we invented it.

With help from Verizon, Dell, Microsoft, and more, FireTextResponse was created to help responders and emergency personnel be better informed of emergency calls.

Using state of the art technology and innovation, we’ve brought you an app and communication system with features you won’t find anywhere else.
We’re the only cellular emergency notification system in the world specifically built to detect radio paging.

In 2013, FireTextResponse was awarded a United States Patent No. 8,600,338.

“Works great. Has worked great for us for years. They are always willing to help if we have any issues.”
– Jason Long

Helping You Help Others

The Quickest Way to Stay Informed When Lives Are On the Line