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At FireTextResponse, we’re here to help you stay better informed while on the job. Part of that is answering any questions you may have. We’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions and compiled a list to better help understand how our FireTextResponse system works.

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Just a few seconds. A lot depends on the speed of the cellular carrier and the WiFi device it may be connected to. Most of our customers report that notifications are alerting on their phones before their dispatchers start to talk.

Other than typical data charges from your cellular carrier (our apps use very little data), they are totally free from us to any member whose department uses the FireTextResponse system. For more information, visit our pricing page.

Yes, if your dispatch center is capable of sending us GPS or CAD address and brief narrative data, we can forward that info on to the mobile apps. We can build a Google Map pinpointing the location of the incident and send that directly to the mobile apps within seconds. We can accept address data along with a narrative of the nature of the call and any particular info vital to the incident and send it directly to the mobile apps.

No, the system is specifically designed to work with the FireTextResponse system. That way we can guarantee everything will work as it should.

Yes, the app will work over cellular data and WiFi. It knows when your phone switches to these different data networks.

Yes, we call it Send Message (Message All) in the mobile apps. Messages can be generated at the FTR system at the station or sent remotely from the mobile apps. This is very handy for announcements, training dates, apparatus status, and any general info that all members need to know. You can select which users have the Message All capability, typically, officers or key personnel.

Yes, we designed it that way. And we’re always available to answer questions or walk you through any part of the system.

No, test or informational pages are not counted against a Tier plan.

Rule of thumb is if the radio tower that pages your department is more than 5 miles away, an external antenna will be needed. We sell a very good one that includes 65 feet of cable for $125. However, any good scanner antenna will do very well also.

No, our Alert Receivers are of very high quality and manufactured right here in the USA by FireTextResponse. Our Alert Receivers hardware decode page tones, making it the most reliable, consistent, and accurate way to decode paging systems alert tones.

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