Out of nearly 30,000 fire departments nationwide, over 80 percent are made up from all or mostly all volunteers. In small cities, rural areas, and country towns across the country, fire stations operate a fire department dispatch to protect their community on very little budgets with very few resources. We are here to make that easier.

Most stations don’t have the budget of the NYFD. They don’t have the personnel or the station amenities of huge metropolitan stations. Instead, we work with those who are willing and qualified to do the work anytime, anywhere.

With our fire department dispatch system, Fire Text Response makes that easier, less expensive, and more reliable than ever before. Fire Text Response is designed to work for any rural community, and serve any size station:

1. Notify Personnel of Emergency Immediately and Simultaneously

Because your volunteers don’t have shifts like bigger departments, you need each of them to receive immediate and simultaneous messages – 24/7/365. If your fire department dispatch relies on pagers, Radio Frequency (RF) radios, or even just a group text message, you’re lacking immediate response. Our app notifies everyone at the exact same time within seconds of dispatch receiving the call. Because our Fire Text Response includes valuable information immediately, you will have a better understanding of who is involved and what has been affected when a fire occurs.

Our fire department dispatch system notifies all personnel of an emergency in seconds.

2. Station Display and Recording

At the station, a flat-screen mirrors the app and records the entire situation. Starting from the dispatch call recording both notifications and received responses. This allows station personnel to stay apprised of changing situations. You’ll know who is responding and when they will arrive.

3. Multiple Display Option for Multiple Stations

If you have more than one station, Fire Text Response offers a multiple display option, so all personnel can be informed, no matter what station they may be located at. This fire department dispatch system allows your entire surrounding area to be on the same page, no matter where trouble occurs.

4. Logged and Time Stamped Records

Responses, page audio, and history are all time stamped and logged in our fire department dispatch system. Through the Fire Text Response interface, you can print or search these logs anytime you need to. This information is invaluable for training, insurance, reporting and legal proceedings when necessary.

5. Dispatch Audio

With Fire Text Response, you don’t have to worry about taking up a lot of space on your computer or data on your phone. All fire department dispatch audio is saved in our specially compressed files that reduce hard drive space, but keep voice quality high. These files remain available for review and tracking at any time.

Our dispatch alert system also records all audio messages so that they can be replayed as needed.

6. Automation Options

Fire Text Response has the ability to automate your entire station. With our custom USB Controller options, you can turn on lights, open station doors, and more, all from your phone. This allows you to respond to emergency situations faster, without even having to go inside the station first.

7. Department Wide Communication

While it’s designed for use in an emergency, the app also allows you to take care of other department needs. You can use the communication system to plan the company picnic, schedule training, or make special announcements. This is much easier than paper flyers and more reliable than email or a group text.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that firefighters don’t get a holiday, and we are here when you need us. We provide tech support 24 hours a day with real people in the USA that understand the emergent nature of the fire industry. We encourage you to talk to our fire department dispatch support and see for yourself how we take care of our own!

Absolutely. We set out to design a fire department dispatch system that was intuitive, easy, and immediate. The goal with Fire Text Response is to create a system that was even easier than responding to a page or a radio call. Of course, we’re always available to answer questions or walk you through any part of the system.

The system works in seconds. Most of our customers report that notifications are alerting on their phones before their dispatchers start to talk. While a lot depends on the speed of the cellular carrier and the WiFi device it may be connected to, our service works in even the most rural areas.

Maximize Your Department Dispatch

A fire problem is a community’s fire problem. People who live in rural areas may be at greater risk due to longer response times, limited water supplies and fewer governmental services. When a fire occurs, the effects are felt throughout the community. It affects individual families, insurance companies, schools, local businesses, churches, farms, agriculture, etc.

Fire Text Response allows you to maximize your community resources and make your fire department more effective. Usually, no single agency or department has enough resources to address the fire problem effectively. Success requires bringing the various community resources together to focus on the solutions. Fire Text Response can also be utilized by medical professionals, EMT, police agencies, etc.

If your goal is to protect your community and reduce the effects of fires, it’s time to invest in Fire Text Response for your fire department dispatch.