Fire Text Response is the only firefighter alerts system of its kind. In our system, we’ve combined the best of fire response technology to bring the most dependable communication to any fire department in any area in the country.

For fire stations across the country, volunteer or career firefighters are responsible for protecting the lives and property of the community. When an emergency occurs, the most important step is communication. The firefighters have to know what happened and where they are needed.

Historically, this is done through a firefighter pager, radio, or secondary cell phone. This alert can go off at any hour of any day. During dinner. At 3 am. When leaving for vacation. At a concert (where you can’t hear or feel the alert). Fire Text Response is the latest in firefighter alerts communication that ensures that your entire team gets the alert and keeps everyone on the same page.

The whole process takes about 60 seconds and help is on the way immediately. Let’s break down how Fire Text Response works for you.

1. Dispatch to Department

There’s been a car accident on main street. Dispatch is notified and within seconds every member of the team received a text alert and/or mobile app notification on their personal cell phones.

The first step with our firefighter alerts is for the location and nature of the emergency to be sent to all personnel.

2. Receive Dispatch Audio

Each team member receives the actual dispatch page informing them of the car accident, exact location, number of vehicles involved, etc. The audio from dispatch is automatically sent directly to their cell phone. Now they know exactly what to do, where to go, and what the situation is. There is no delay in downloading, waiting, call back, etc.

3. Personnel Response Status

With one click, personnel reply their status (en-route to station, en-route to scene, delayed, or not available). This eliminates the assumption that someone is on their way, or wondering why response is taking so long. With a tap of a button, everyone on the team is notified of their current status.

Once you have received the firefighter alerts, you can respond back to the station of your ETA.

4. Station & Others Are Notified

Back at the station, all responses from personnel are time-stamped and displayed on a flat-screen. This ensures all personnel on the road and at the station are kept on the same page. The station knows who is responding and how far away they are.

As all firefighters respond to the firefighter alerts, the station will receive fast, accurate updates of their status.

5. Respond to Scene

Within minutes, help has arrived at the scene and your firefighters are on the job equipped with the information they need to do their job and keep their community safe.

With Fire Text Response, all responding crew members now know who’s where and when others will be there in order to respond to the scene appropriately. It is the most reliable firefighter alert system when it matters most.

The Fire Text Response Difference

  • Simultaneously Notifies Personnel of Emergency: Once radio dispatch pages your department, all personnel will be simultaneously notified. With a notification straight to their cell phone, everybody gets the same message at the same time.
  • Dispatch Audio & Clear Sound Straight to Your Cell: No more fuzzy radio or unclear firefighter pager report. Personnel receive the voice page audio of the dispatched emergency right to their cell phone. The message is delivered immediately with crystal clear sound, every time to ensure everyone knows the details of the situation.
  • Dispatch Display at Station: All responding personnel status is displayed at the station on a monitor, as well as distributed to others’ cell phones via text message or with the Firetext Response app.
  • Department Wide Messaging & Communication: Our firefighter alerts are designed for emergencies, but enhances station-wide communication in other areas too. Use the FTR system for department wide messaging for special details, training, announcements, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Too many PC or firefighter pager systems take too long to communicate critical information. There is endless back-and-forth between personnel and the station. The audio on firefighter pagers can be unclear or frustrated by additional source. Our system makes the communication instantaneously and clear to all members.

Yes. We have found that by allowing each member to use their own personal cell phone, there is significantly better response time than if you have a firefighter pager, radio, or secondary cell phone.

Yes, if your dispatch center is capable of sending us GPS or CAD address and brief narrative data, we can forward that info on to the mobile apps. We can build a Google Map pinpointing the location of the incident and send that directly to the mobile apps within seconds. We can accept address data along with a narrative of the nature of the call and any particular info vital to the incident and send it directly to the mobile apps.

Yes. In fact, any messages can be generated at the station or sent remotely from the mobile apps can be immediately dispatched to the entire team. In addition to emergency response, this is very handy for announcements, training dates, apparatus status, and any general info that all members need to know. You can select which users have the Message All capability, typically, officers or key personnel.

Let’s Roll Out

In less than one minute, everyone is on their feet and help is on the way. This is the type of alert system we all need, this is the type of alert system your community deserves.

When you combine the best of fire response technology with the most dependable communication that is what we deliver. Fire Text Response ensures that your entire department works together as a team to protect those in your community.

To get started with our firefighter alerts, give us a call today.