How Fire Text Response’s Firefighter Alerts Work

Fire Text Response is the only firefighter alerts system of its kind. In our system, we’ve combined the best of fire response technology to bring the most dependable communication to any fire department in any area in the country. For fire stations across the country, volunteer or career firefighters are responsible for protecting the lives and property of the community. When an emergency occurs, the most important step is communication. The firefighters have to know what happened and where they are needed. Historically, this is done through a firefighter pager, radio, or secondary cell [...]

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How To Create an Efficient Emergency Action Plan

Everyone thinks “oh that will never happen to me,” or “things like that don’t happen here”. Until they do. Emergency Action Plans (EAP) are necessary for any home or business because life-threatening emergencies are unpredictable. You can’t just assume you’ll avoid every disaster that occurs. That is not a reliable plan. Instead, take the precautionary measures to help plan for and prevent damage to your home or business. An Emergency Evacuation Plan (EAP) can apply to a variety of circumstances depending on your geographic location. Perhaps you live in a desert prone to wildfires, [...]

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Fire Department Dispatch Systems: 7 Benefits for Fire Stations

Out of nearly 30,000 fire departments nationwide, over 80 percent are made up from all or mostly all volunteers. In small cities, rural areas, and country towns across the country, fire stations operate a fire department dispatch to protect their community on very little budgets with very few resources. We are here to make that easier. Most stations don’t have the budget of the NYFD. They don’t have the personnel or the station amenities of huge metropolitan stations. Instead, we work with those who are willing and qualified to do the work anytime, anywhere. [...]

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Firefighter Pager: 5 Benefits to First Responders

In 2018 there were over 1 million firefighters in the United States; 745,000 of them are volunteers. Most of those who become firefighters respond to the firefighter pager after a full day of work out of duty, service, and love for their communities. Many of the firefighters in rural communities face unique risks. When the firefighter pager rings, the distance between communities and residents challenges response time. When you’re trying to respond quickly to a fire or emergency situation, communication is essential. However, when resources are often low and budgets are even lower – [...]

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