In 2018 there were over 1 million firefighters in the United States; 745,000 of them are volunteers. Most of those who become firefighters respond to the firefighter pager after a full day of work out of duty, service, and love for their communities.

Many of the firefighters in rural communities face unique risks. When the firefighter pager rings, the distance between communities and residents challenges response time. When you’re trying to respond quickly to a fire or emergency situation, communication is essential. However, when resources are often low and budgets are even lower – effective fire response can be a huge hurdle.

Fire Text Response is here to make fire departments operate seamlessly and effectively. Our goal is to help you protect your community better than ever.

The firefighter pager developed by Fire Text Response can alert firefighters of emergencies quickly.

1. Dispatch Audio & Clear Sound Straight To Your Cell Phone

Gone are the days of a cryptic code sent to your firefighter pager or a confusing radio message. Instead, Fire Response Text sends the actual audio straight from dispatch right to your cell phone.

Our technology ensures crystal clear sound, every time. We provide you with the details of the situation immediately, as soon as the call comes in. This gives you more accurate information to respond to the developing situation better and faster.

2. Duty Status Updates to Stay Accurate and Informed

As soon as the emergency alert system sends a message, you can see the response of every personnel. You’ll know who is close, who is delayed, and who is unavailable. In addition, the built-in Duty Status allows personnel to go on or off duty within the system.

That way you don’t have to remind everyone about your upcoming vacation or your son’s baseball tournament this weekend. This makes it easier for small fire departments to stay informed and ready at all times.

3. Dispatch Call Looped at Station for Personnel

When the call comes in, the recording starts. For accurate record-keeping, firefighter pager audio is replayed, or looped, at the station. As this occurs, responders can again hear the nature, location, and all details of the call they will respond to. Each response and audio recording is time-stamped for accuracy in reporting, insurance, legal proceedings, etc.

A benefit of our firefighter pager is that it displays weather radar for the area.

4. Live, Local, and Accurate Weather Updates

We understand that the call for help can come at any time of day or night any day of the year. Our firefighter pager system factors in the weather to your response time. The app is set to receive live National Weather Service radar and forecasts for your local area so you can plan accordingly. Fire Text Response also tracks possible natural disasters like earthquake activity in your area so you can be ready if necessary.

5. GPS Mapping and Incident Location Maps

Not all accidents happen at a home address. Many times, especially in small communities, getting to the scene requires GPS coordinates. Fire Text Response provides GPS mapping of incident location, along with address data, maps for department boundaries, hydrants, and other valuable info included in the mobile app. This depth of information is impossible to relay using the traditional firefighter pagers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the app will work over both cellular data and WiFi. If you’re in an area with poor service, it will tap into the nearest tower and Fire Text Response can provide reliable boosters if necessary. When WiFi is available, it will use that. The app uses a very small amount of data on any Android or Apple device.

Our app is free! We provide them with no monthly subscription fees or service charge to any member whose department uses the Fire Text Response system. For more information, visit our pricing page.

Absolutely. We set out to design a fire department dispatch system that was intuitive, easy, and immediate. The goal with Fire Text Response is to create a system that was even easier than responding to a page or a radio call. Of course, we’re always available to answer questions or walk you through any part of the system.

A New Pager for a New Firefighter Response

Due to low resources, lack of communication, and poor service, fire death rates in rural areas are very high. In the last 10 years, deaths due to fires have increased 20%. Additionally, loss of property and livestock have an extreme emotional and economic impact on residents in the local area.

When you want to protect your community, you need the resources to make that possible. Our firefighter pager gives you the resources you need even on a small-town budget. Give us a call today to get started!